Guest Post: Kindergarten Garden Party with Lisa Bagchi

As a parent, it is in my nature to subdue, quell and calm.  As a child, it is in my son’s nature to explore, challenge and entice.  See what’s happening here?  I want him to feel free, I just can’t seem to let that happen. That’s why I’m so grateful for Adventure Club, a weekly kindergarten garden party held in the secret spots of Mont Royal Park, guided thoughtfully by Megan and Cam of Le Lion et La Souris.
What happens at Adventure Club is that your child’s capabilities are trusted in whatever environment he occupies; rocky cliffs, fallen trees or rolling hills.
No idea is rejected, no imagination too outrageous.

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Your child’s investigative nature is also encouraged.
 Adventure Club is freedom and fresh air; things that are often hard to come by in a kindergarten classroom, in a city like Montreal, under the vigilant guard of a scaredy-cat parent who finds it hard to let go.  But let go I must, for nature demands it and children flourish from it.
Thank you Megan for letting me tag along in those secret spots, and for being such a significant part of my child’s development.

Lisa and Arlo Bagchi