Land Art Club

Land art is the practice of making ephemeral artworks from natural materials. It is also a way of deepening our connection to our environment and engaging with sites in a thoughtful, responsible, and non-invasive way. Our all-new Land Art Club, a weekly program in the Champ des Possibles, will support and affirm the renaturalization and biodiversity of this urban green space through playful artistic interventions.

Bridging The Lion and the Mouse’s embrace of Forest School and Playwork principles with contemporary practices in community-engaged art practice, Land Art Club encourages children to participate in the creation of site-specific artworks. What can we build from detritus? How can we depict familiar things with found materials? What happens when we use natural materials as surfaces for conventional art-making? How can our interventions signal and work with seasonal change? These are the kinds of questions we will ask ourselves at Land Art Club.

Through self-directed individual projects, collaborative works, and onsite installations with natural materials, children will playfully engage with the biodiverse flora and fauna, textures, and history that mark the Champ. In so doing, they will also contribute to the space, making ephemeral projects that address the site’s ongoing challenges and foster a sense of appreciation for the Champ, within Land Art Club and beyond.

Land Art Club will be facilitated by our playworker Gabrielle Doiron. Before joining The Lion and the Mouse, she coordinated community-engaged, site-responsive art projects. She has also worked as an art educator. Gabi is excited to be working closely with Les Amis du Champ des Possibles to ensure that Land Art Club reflects current efforts to support and defend this important community space. Most of all, she is excited to play with and around nature!

In keeping with Forest School principles and because of the nature of the program, Land Art Club will be meeting outside. In the event of extreme weather, the program will take place indoors with a few materials pre-selected from the Champ.


Age : 3-5 years
Dates : September 11 – December 16, 2017 (14 weeks)
Days:  Fridays
Time : 1:00PM – 3:00PM
Cost : $225
Language: Bilingual
Location: Champ des Possibles

Registration (online only) will open Tuesday, August 15 at 7 am via the “Register now” button below.

Photo: Gabrielle Doiron