Adventure Days

Adventure Days are one day day camps that take place on PED days throughout the school year. Similar to Adventure Camp, Adventure Days provide a break from school by offering children an entire day of free child-led play in a natural setting. Together we might go exploring the Champ des Possibles, build tinkering projects, watch birds, build machines… the sky is the limit!

Adventure Days take place primarily in the Champ des Possibles and neighbouring Marché des Possibles. Based entirely outside, we only use our indoor space at Temps Libre in cases of extreme weather. We dance in the rain, splash in the heat, and jump in the mud, enjoying the wonderful outdoor spaces in The Mile-End no matter what Mother Nature has to offer.

Cost: $40 per Adventure Day, all fees eligible for the childcare tax credit

Dates: Friday November 17, 2017 and Friday November 24, 2017

Registration (online only) now open via the “Register now” button below.

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